About Alley

Alison Pezanoski-Browne (or Alley as she’s more commonly known) is currently earning a Master of Arts degree at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in Critical Theory & Creative Research.

She is also the Co-Chief of Staff for EFFPortland (Experimental Film Festival), had a short video “a year in fears” in the 2013 festival, and occasionally writes music reviews and blog posts for Bitch Magazine.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio/Television/Film and Sociology, which integrated her love of film and interest in socio-political issues, Alley worked for seven years as a media producer.

She started her career working on several independent documentaries, most notably the feature-length documentary Mine, which won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at both the 2009 South By Southwest Film Festival and the 2009 San Francisco Documentary Festival. Mine had its broadcast premiere on PBS’ Independent Lens in February 2010 and was voted the Independent Lens audience favorite as well. Alison associate produced the documentary Corner Store, which had a preview screening at the 2010 San Francisco Indie Film Festival, premiered at the Denver Film Festival in October 2010, and was broadcast on KQED in San Francisco. Additionally, she worked on the documentary Seeking Asian Female, which was recently profiled on This American Life.

In 2007, she received a U.S. Fulbright Research Grant to produce a short documentary in Hong Kong and study social withdrawal in teen and young adult populations.

Alley recently worked at Clark College as the Multimedia Web Content Specialist, which meant that she was the master of the Clark College YouTube Channel.

Before that, she was a producer of public purpose media, written, video, and audio for the global non-profit One Economy, and specifically the websites PIC.tv (Public Internet Channel) and TheBeehive.org. She also worked as a media instructor with Caldera Arts, and coordinated a film festival Life In Focus that showcased the work of the non-profit’s students. She production managed/assistant directed the short film Outside, directed by Tracy Pitts and produced by Eugene Park. She also production managed the short film Mandarose, produced and directed by Gabe van Lelyveld.

Based in Portland, Alison spends her free time jogging along Willamette Avenue, reading multiple books at once (and taking a long time to finish all of them), writing, meditating, dancing, watching movies, record-shopping, going to see live music, making audio and visual projects, gardening with her partner and his five year-old son, and enjoying the people in her life.20130701_3423

Photograph by Jenny Shadley.


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